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Murray River Salt Spray

Creates beachy waves and texture for all hair types.

Murray River Salt Spray with Kangaroo Apple extract adds texture without drying out your hair

Unlike other salt sprays, this lightweight spray gently infuses hair with a beach feel.

Brings out natural body and enhances curl for effortless, wind styled texture

Pro-tip : Scrunch and air dry for beachIntroducing Murray River Salt Spray, a lightweight sea salt spray that moisturizes as it gently lifts the hair. Our unique formula builds texture without leaving greasiness or stickiness so you can achieve volume at the roots and control throughout your hair. It is ideal for all hair types, particularly those prone to falling flat immediately after washing.Murray River Salt Spray is the perfect solution to your hair care concerns. With an easy-to-use spray format, all you need to do is spray and style! This hair product is water based and completely safe to use on all strands of hair, so you can style your hair without having to worry about damaging your tresses. NATURES ACTIVES IN DAVROE MURRAY RIVER SEA SALT SPRAYSalt sprays are great for creating a beachy look, and adding shine to your hair. But the salt of the ocean alone can dry out your hair too much, so Murray River Salt Spray has added Natural Kangaroo Apple Extract to help make it more moisturizing and add shininess.DAVROE have utilised this unique Australian salt by balancing it with Kangaroo apple extract to create a salt spray that gives the ultimate mixture of texture, volume and beach curl.Award winning Murray River salt is produced from ancient saline waters sourced from underground aquifers found in Australia’s Murray Darling basin. This natural salt contains no additives or preservatives and is full of trace elements such as magnesium and calcium.


DAVROE Murray River Salt Spray 200ml

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