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Muk Blow 3900-IR Hair Dryer

2300 watt professional hair dryer 

Muk BLOW 3900-IR a 2300 Watt dryer that utilizes revolutionary infrared lights embeddedin the dryer's barrel to infuse a gentle heat deep inside the hair shaft. 

Dries hair quickly and gently, whilst infusing hair with amazing shine,
moisture balance and protection from thermal damage.

Warranty - Standard 2 year new for old replacement warranty.

Adjustable Temperature & Fan Speeds - allows you to select the temperature that works best for 
your individual hair type and condition.

Ionic Generator - generates millions of negative ions to infuse shine and protect hair.
3 metre Tangle Free Cord – eliminates tangling and twisting.

4 x nozzles - Two sizes in both metallic rose gold, and matte black are included with each dryer

MUK BLOW 3900-IR Professional Hair Dryer 2300 watt

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