S.D.U. CAREPLEX Bond Connector Set

Package contain: No.1 x 120ml, No.2 x 120ml x 2 bottle

Careplex is especially made for damaged/dyed hair, it repairs the weak bonds and strengthens even the most brittle of bleached hair. If you're struggling with damaged hair from dye this is definitely worth a try.

Most of chemicals would be easy to mix with Bond Connector that it could create new construction of disulfide bond, reform the new hair inner structure and bring about the strength and elasticity . When hair is under chemical treatment like bleaching perming and coloring ,the damage occurs because of Disulfide bond broken. The key ingredient of keraplex Bis-aminopopyl dimaleate builds strong connection between disulfide bond. Before and during the chemical process , this connection provides strong buffer action avoid disulfide bond broken.

1 Mix hair color/bleaching powder/rebonding /perming before adding /mixing KeraPlex.
2 Add 7.5ml of KeraPlex No.1 Bond Connector in to the mixture and apply as usual .
3 Rinse hair , do not shampoo ,towel dry thoroughly.
4 Followed by KeraPlex No..2 Bond Enhancer application.

It supplies the formula of the high concentration of unique nutrition .After operated No.1 Bond Connector ,applies No.2 Bond Enhancer ,gives moisture ,nourishments.

1 Rinse highlights or color from hair ,Do not shampoo
2 Towel dry hair thoroughly
3 Apply 15ml of KeraPlex NO.2 Bond Enhancer from roots to ends . Comb through once. Leave on for about 5 minutes at least .For damaged hair ,leave on for at least 10 minutes.
4 Rinse ,shampoo and condition.

SDU CAREPLEX KIT No.1 x 120ml, No.2 x 120ml x 2 bottle