Whats in the kit-

-ORO Therapy Ammonia Free colour tube 100ml (for at least 2 colours)

-Cream colour activator 

-Application brush

-Bowl & Brush

-1 pair of latex disposable gloves

-Davroe shampoo and conditioner sachets

- Instruction sheet


The Oro Therapy Permanent Hair Colour with gold, keratin and Argan provides maximum coverage for grey hair. It is non-aggressive, ammonia-free, soft and creamy in texture. It can be used with sensitive scalps, leaving hair brilliantly soft, silky, hydrated and protected. It is long lasting, safe and creates reliable results.

  • Microparticles of Gold 24K suspended in a permanent colloidal solution
  • Argan Oil ensures perfect and optimum conveying the pigment inside the hair, leaving it soft and hydrated
  • Keratin strengthens this bond favouring an intense restructuring action during the colour process
  • The absence of ammonia ensures the colloidal gold elevates and enhances the quality of the colour in full respect of the scalp and the hair fibre
  • Lifts up to 1-4+ tone levels
  • Elevated pigment holds for longer lasting colour


Pour into a non-metal bowl Mixing Ratio 1:1.5 
1/2 tube is 50ml so mix with 75 ml cream activator 

Full tube is 100ml so mix with 150ml cream activator

AMMONIA FREE COLOUR KIT ORO Intense Very Light Blonde (9.00)

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