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OTTOPLEX #1 Bond Connector-Connecting and Creating the New Disulfide Bond.With the new generation of nano technology. It penetrates and puts nutrients directly into the hair cores, solids, and enhances the elasticity and tenacity of hair, makes it enable to experiences more coloring, bleaching and straightening as well as to have hairstylists easily operating even with chemically treated/over processed hair.

  • Direction #1:1 Mix hair color/bleaching powder/rebonding/perming before adding OTTOPPLEX.
  • Add 10% of OTTOPLEX No.1 Bond Connector into the mixture and apply and process as usual. 
  • After processing rinse thoroughly followed by 30-40ml OTTOPLEX No.2 Enhancer application, leave for one min, rinse, shampoo/condition.


  • Bond Enhancer Supplying the Hair Nutrition is infused with advanced grade ingredients, it supplies the high concentration of unique nutrition to hair. After operated No.1 applies No.2 It gives hair moisture, nourishment and shiny full body. Enriched with Argan Oil which with a high level of essential fatty acids in OMEGA 9 and OMEGA 6, associated with power phytosterin, Keratin Protein, Vitamin E, and squalene gives hair long-lasting perfect care, suggested use it every ten days.
  • Direction #2 Appy 30-40ml of OTTOPLEX No.2 Bond Enhancer from roots to ends, Comb through once. Leave on for 1 minute.
If you like Olaplex you’ll love OTTOPLEX. This is an insurance for hair dying, bleaching, rebonding, perming, reinforcing of elasticity, shine and detangling.
OTTOPLEX Specifications/Features: For all hair types, free of sulfates, silicone, phthalates and aldehydes This product is a special duty unit for hairstylist. If you afraid of the clients asking for coloring, bleaching or straightening on their very damaged hair, this product will enable you to achieve these missions. It helps hairstylists to have wonderful finishing of hair coloring, hair bleaching, hair straightening, despite having hair that is badly chemical treated or very damaged. Disclaimer: Recommended for Professional use only. OTTOPLEX ~ Bond Multiplier WHAT ARE DISULFIED BONDS? In a simpler term, Disulfide bonds is the glue that holds cells together to make up the cortex or inner layer of the hair. CHEMICALS AND DISULFIED BONDS Chemical processes designed for permanent changes to the hair structure target disulfide bonds. Chemical products are made for a specific purpose on normal hair. Applying chemicals to hair that has been previously chemically treated dissolves and breaks down the disulfide bonds, causing hair to over soften (melt) and eventually break off. These strands are not salvageable due to the complete loss of elasticity. No.1 BOND MULTIPLIER is a specially formulated Bond Multiplier paired with Nano Technology. This step is added to your Chemical mixture before it’s applied to the clients’ hair. With the addition of Nano Technology it is able to penetrate right down to the cortex of the hair strand. Rebuilding broken bonds and multiplying them to withstand the processing time required to complete the chemical service, without damage to the hair. It not only protects hair from breaking, it can also rebuild previously broken bonds. No. 2 BOND ENHANCER This Step of your Treatment will Immediately infuse your new and repaired bonds with advanced ingredients to supply a high concentration of nutrition to the hair, giving a healthy dose of Elasticity and moisture. Enriched with Argan Oil, and a High level of Omega 9 & 6, phytosterin, Keratin Protein, Vitamin E and Squalene lends a longer lasting overall health of Hair. AFTER CARE For maintaining lustre and Shine, suggest an application OTTPLEX #3 every 2 weeks. For Previously Damaged hair OTTOPLEX #2 can be used without a Chemical Service to repair lost elasticity and stop hair Breakage.

OTTOPLEX 500ml Step2

$89.00 Regular Price
$69.00Sale Price
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