Branching from the makers of Fanola, Oro Therapy is the new professional cosmetic programme for enhancing all types of hair, enriched with micro-active 24 carat gold. Inspired by the ancient power of gold, Oro Therapy has been created for women who desire only the best and want to illuminate their hair with vitality.

The new ammonia-free Oro Therapy colour range without paraphenylenediamine permanent colouring system with Keratin, Gold and Argan Oil developed to guarantee maximum grey cover, leaving hair brilliant, soft, hydrated and protected.

There are many benefits including:

  • Maximum grey cover
  • Brilliant uniform colours
  • Elevated pigment hold for longer lasting colour tones
  • Leaves hair silky so and hydrated
  • Can be applied in cases where the scalp is sensitive
  • Lifts until 4/5 tone levels
  • Delicate oriental fragrance
  • 40 nuance range + 3 Superlighteners to fully satisfy all colour requirements

Oro Therapy 24K is an ammonia free permanent hair colouring cream containing micro-particles of gold that are instantly transferred with the hair structure during product application leaving hair shiny. This illuminating colour is made up of Argan oil, which protects, brightens, nourishes and strengthens the hair, Sweet Cyprus for anti-ageing protection leaving hair soft, voluminous and smooth, UV filter protecting against UVA and UVB rays along with vitamin E, which protects the hair against free radicals. The ability to lifts 4-5 tone levels with maximum grey coverage. The range consists of 58 shades of colour, 3 superlighteners and 4 intensifiers. Best results will be achieved when mixed with the Oro Therapy 24K Gold Activators.

ORO Therapy Ammonia Free Hair Colour 100ml 6.14