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There's probably plenty of paste in your life already (tomato paste, almond paste, toothpaste...) But we're quite certain you'll need this one, too: so flexible, so smooth, so creamy, so skilled at holding your curls and piece-y creations in place, that you'll never look back.

Perfect choice for:

  • Medium-to-thick textured hair that needs a bit of submission or definition without a hint of sticky/tackiness. Guys will love this one!

What you get:

  • 1 x 100ML (Tube)

Here's how:

  • Smooth a dab of this pliable, matte-finish paste through damp hair to tame unruly texture; work a little into your fingers to define bits and pieces of dry hair that need to stand firm.

The inside secret:

  • We stock this workable wonder with Hydrolized Keratin, which forms a strong-yet-flexible smoothing shield on the hair's surface - it helps keep strands supple, while providing a safeguard against color fade.


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JOICO Pliable Paste 100ml

$25.95 Regular Price
$12.98Sale Price
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