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1 x 200ml Scalp Remedy Shampoo,1 x 200ml Scalp Remedy Conditioner,

1 x 125ml Scalp Remedy Lotion Spray


Instant relief,Colour safe,Suitable for eczema and psoriasis,Smoothing and Calming.

The ultimate for healthy hair and scalp. Formulated to relieve scalp issues associated with dandruff, itching. flaking, redness and dryness. Mild and gentle formulations infused with Australian plant extracts.

CONDITIONER- Nourishes and soothes the scalp Suitable for all hair types Conditions the hair Controls flaking and softens hair.

LOTIONS SPRAY- Lightweight leave-in treatment Reduces dandruff and flaking Eliminates itchiness and redness Cools and relieves the scalp instantly




DAVROE Scalp Remedy Trio Pack

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