Moisturising colour treatment to add a hint of rose gold to the hair.

  • Contain Australian natural plant & flower extracts
  • Moisture rich colour treatment, formulated to gently deposit pigment on the hair
  • Chroma infuses each strand with a boost of hydration to help restore moisture leaving hair in better condition than before application
  • Silicone Free
  • Sulphate & Paraben Free
  • Colour Protect Complex

Davroe Chroma Blushing Gold

Moisturising colour treatment to add a hint of rose gold to the hair.

Enriched with Camellia Oil extract, this Blushing Gold Chroma will tint light blonde hair types to leave a subtle pink hue. Improves hair strength, while adding moisture, leaving hair nourished and revitalised.

Improves hair strength, while adding moisture. Contains natural plant and flower extracts. 100% Vegan friendly. 100% Australian made and owned. Colour protect complex – colour protection. Gentle on hair and scalp. Kind to the environment.

HOW TO USE Davroe Blushing Gold Chroma Treatment

After shampooing the hair with Davroe Clarify Deep Cleansing Shampoo, squeeze hair to remove excess water, or, for best results, towel dry. On sectioned hair, apply evenly and liberally, thoroughly coating and working from roots to ends. Leave on the hair for 3-7 minutes. Rinse and follow with your favourite Davroe Conditioner.

NATURES ACTIVE IN Davroe Perfecty Nude Chroma Treatment

Contains Camellia Oil Extract – Rich in antioxidants, Camellia helps to revitalise and rejuvenate even the most damaged hair types.

Davroe Chromas are moisture rich colour treatments, formulated to gently deposit pigment on the hair, whilst leaving it in optimum condition.

Any product that contains colour pigment will tend to be drying on the hair, as colour pigment itself is drying. That’s why we felt the best base for a colour product would be a treatment. Silicone free and packed with our CPC (colour protect complex) for optimum colour enhancement and retainment.

Chroma will not only leave the hair with a pastel to vibrant colour depending on choice of colour but will also leave it feeling soft, luxurious and with a beautiful lustre. Chroma’s hue will fade gracefully after 3-5 washes and can be used as a wash out colour, or applied weekly to maintain saturation. Chroma can also be mixed with MCT for a lighter hue with Chroma Blushing Gold, Rose Quartz, Sunset Copper and Violet Haze.

Please see individual colour for the right base to start with.

To give Chroma optimum colour deposition, we would recommend washing the hair first with Davroe Clarify Shampoo.



Davroe Chroma Blushing Gold 200ml